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Perk things up with an Espresso Bar!

Our hand-built wooden coffee carts and professional Baristas provide a truly unique experience and are guaranteed to impress your guests. Our carts are made from 120 year old reclaimed barn wood, the mobile espresso bar cart brings a relaxed coffee house atmosphere to your special event or corporate function.

Using fresh and high-quality ingredients, our local artisan coffee beans, teas, Italian sodas, and pastries are sure to impress your guests-and keep them well-caffeinated!

Our Barista will make to order your favorite hot and cold artisan espressos, cappuccinos, and mocha drinks. 

for business

> Corporate events

> Multi-day conferences

> Trade show booths

> Office appreciation 

> Real estate showings

for personal

> Weddings

> Anniversaries

> Birthday parties

> Holiday events

> Private parties

for entertainment

> Red carpet events

> TV/film/photoshoot sets

> Commercials

> Movie premieres

> Green room hospitality

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